Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Think Romania Has It Right...

I saw this article today and I'm just waiting for us to steal it and claim we did it first.

Romania has changed its labor laws to officially recognize witchcraft as a profession, prompting one self-described witch to threaten retaliation.

The move, which went into effect Saturday, is part of the government's drive to crack down on widespread tax evasion in a country that is in recession.

In addition to witches, astrologists, embalmers, valets and driving instructors are now considered by labor law to be working real jobs, making it harder for them to avoid income tax.

For months the measure had been debated, protested by witches and mocked by the media.

On Saturday, a witch called Bratara told, the website of a top TV station, that she plans to cast a spell using black pepper and yeast to create discord in the government.


  1. First witches and next prostitution. You are just out of luck.

  2. Wouldn't prostitution being legal be a good thing for me?....

  3. Would have been in the days when it was your source of love. But, now that it is a career, they are gonna tax the hell out of you and those three dirty dollars are gone. And right after you got them clean.