Saturday, October 22, 2011

American Horror Story

Is anyone else watching this messed up show? It's three episodes in and I'm kind of addicted. It's the story of a family (played by Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Taissa Farmiga) and how messed up their lives are and become more so after moving into a haunted house. And calling it a haunted house is putting it very mildly. First episode alone we get twin gingers being killed by a Gollum-looking creature. A down syndrome girl that freaks me out (she keeps telling people that they're going to die). That girl's creepy mother who seems to know a helluva lot more than she tells the family. A gay bondage ghost that gets the mother pregnant (hence the weird promo image posted with this). A house maid that is old to the mother but a young, sexy temptress to the father (McDermott cheated on the wife already). Ya see McDermott's ass three times, with the third time...
Warning: This Part Gets A Little Dirty!!!
coming after he showers, sees the maid touching herself at him and proceeds to masturbate and then cry. And then being watched by some dude who is all scared with burns and killed his family in that house years prior and wants to warn McDermott that he'll kill too. And did I mention that the gay bondage ghost was the previous owner? He and his lover mere a murder/suicide case.
Yeah. Messed up. And I'm really liking it. The next two episodes have started bringing in more story to the house and it's history so it's been picking up a lot more. Plus, Zachary Quinto is coming into it at some point and throwing Sylar into this house may just make it even cooler.
This is definitely not a show that everyone will be able to get into and I do seem to have a sick enjoyment for weird ass things (I did think Human Centipede was rather tame and boring after all...) but this show absolutely has my interest. I think peoples should give it a shot if they have a stronger stomach.

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