Sunday, October 2, 2011

(Late) NB of the Week

Somehow I'm slipping in my old age and I completely forgot to tell everybody how much of a nerd I am (and in the process how lonely I shall end up...). So here is my late NB from Wednesday. I hope I can win you're affection back and to try such, I shall give you Co-NB's.

The Ultimates #2 - Part Two
After being attacked by a new "race" of super-beings, we get a little history. Turns out they come from The Dome, in which time is different. They have had lifetimes to perfect their species. Through cloning and genetics, they have formed a perfect society where they can evolve at will to help in any way. And it's time to come out and take what is rightfully theirs. After some cool throw downs, they can trace Thor's power back to Asgard and the World Tree. As Thor races to save his people, he finds that he is too late. All his people are dead or dying. Thor hides his son in the Tree, giving him Mjolnir to help find his way out when he is worthy before he and Loki jump into battle one last time.
"This was the day. The day the World Tree died and what was divine became ordinary. When, like rain, dead gods fell from the sky. It was the last day of myth. It was the last day of legend. It was the day the children of Tomorrow killed all the gods. And they were gone. Forever."
And at the last minute, Stark flied in, pulling Thor away, with the Odinson claiming he can feel nothing any more.
Hickman gets it. This dude can write and I'm all for most anything he wants to write. In the Ultimate Universe, anything can happen and Asgard dying is pretty damn awesome especially given that rebirth is always used and Hickman will get to write that eventually also. No offense to Miller and Loeb and anyone else who has written the Ultimate Avengers before but I'm pretty sure that in two issues, Jonathan Hickman has made this book his.

Ultimate Spider-Man #2
Miles is learning that he has powers. Speed, agility and now a "spider sting". Freaked out he goes to his best friend Ganke (he's Asian), thinking that he's a mutant and people will soon be after him. Before either can figure anything out, though, Miles' father finds him and takes him off. As they walk and talk, we find out one of the biggest (and oddly similar) differences between Miles and Peter: Miles father was a criminal. He grew up in hard times and did what he felt would be most beneficial to surviving. This also includes doing time in the clanker (my words, not the comic's). While Miles' uncle never really got the grasp on life and growing out of it, his father had. He met Miles' mother and the rest is that. And in this speech, we get out new "responsibility montra":
"Anyone can be bad. Anyone. It's easy. It's the easiest thing. But to stay focused. To live a good life... It's the hardest damn thing."
As Miles tries to sleep later, he is woken by a text. It's his friend, Ganke and he has it figured. He just read an article by a Ben Urich, talking about how Spider-Man got his powers. All the same ways that Miles has his powers. As Ganke asks "R U Spider-Man?!!", Miles looks surprised and proceeds to crawl up his bedroom wall. Our final page is him on the ceiling, saying "Oh no."
Bendis gets Spider-Man. Ultimate Spidey has been amazing from the get-go and it continues to be so. When everyone was yelling for his head after killing Pete (as I reserved the right to do also), he was telling us be patient and read it. That Spider-Man has transcended Peter Parker and is an idea that is far greater than him. Miles Morales proves it. This kid is Spider-Man, showing that age and skin color have nothing to do with it. This book is as much Spider-Man as any of the other Ultimate Spider-Man issues and I would argue even more than the crappy Amazing Spider-Man title. Somebody give Amazing this book. It could learn a thing or two.

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