Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NB of the Week

Annihilators: Earthfall #2 (of 4)
Much like Uncanny X-Force, this is a series that I've said needs to be read and it only continues to get better.
Before Nova and Star-Lord "sacrificed" themselves, Star-Lord told Cosmo (the telepathic, Russian dog) that there was too much evil for for the Guardians to handle. That what they needed was "flarking annihilators" to got the job done. Thus began the new team. Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Ronan and Gladiator. All the cosmic heavy-hitters. After a first mini, Silver went his way with Galactus and was essentially replaced with Ikon, who was a member of the oldschool Spaceknights.
Into this mini, we get the Annihilators first encounter with Earth and it's heroes. After finding out that the Church of Universal Truth (see the latest and greatest run of Guardians of the Galaxy) had a sect hiding on Earth and was just activated, they came knocking. Only problem is that the Avengers see Ronan and Gladiator and think another invasion is happening. Which is the bad news. As Ronan, Gladiator and Beta Ray stay outside to try and talk sense into everyone, Quasar, Ikon and Spider-Man (though Spidey was just following them) go into the headquarters to stop the Church. As they make their way to the weapon, a life cocoon (or whatever they call it. The thing that Adam Warlock was originally found in, seen on this cover of FF to the right) was opened, and is empty. As they find themselves too late, they are surprised from behind with the words "I am the Magus. I'm here to save you. We all are.", with the last page being a tiny, kid version of Magus (Adam Warlock's evil persona from way back when) and many other kids behind him, all with scary glowing eyes.
What the hello, man?! Magus was brought back at the end of the run in Guardians and was "killed" in Thanos Imperative but now he is a kid? Or many kids? Dude was tough enough without being all creepy with it. As you read this, you probably feel like that is a lot you've missed and would need to get caught up on but there's really not. The story is massively rewarding if you have been reading for these years but alone it's still pretty damn good. DnA have done some of the best writing in the industry over the years, in my opinion, and it keeps impressing me. Any cosmic book they touch for Marvel is a book that I will buy.
Lets just hope that Loeb and McGuinness don't muck up Nova when he comes back in Point One.

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