Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NB of the Week

Wonder Woman #2 - Home
Brian Azzarello should be in charge of more comics. The dude knows how to string together a brilliant story.
After failing to kill Zola and the bastard child of Zeus' inside her, Hera is rather pissed and decides to let another God go after them all: her daughter Strife. We then cut to Wonder Woman carrying the wounded Hermes into a the jungles of Paradise Island to her people and her mother. Providing shelter, we are given a few filler conversations, seemingly to set up the new status of Wonder Woman in the new DC. Zola finds out that Hippolyta carved Wonder Woman out of clay and awoke up to find the child alive, we find out that Wonder Woman can still hold her own against the other Amazons and for some reason Hippolyta is afraid that Hera is coming for Bastard children of Zeus. We are cut of by a large explosion, of which everyone goes running into the forest to find it. Turns out it's Strife. She is turning all the Amazons against each other and only Wonder Woman can see it. As WW confronts her, Strife claims all she is here for is to embrace her little sister. Wonder Woman presumes she speaks of Zola but we are all surprised (unless you read the news that DC released a few weeks ago) to learn that Strife is actually speaking of Wonder Woman.
In my opinion, Wonder Woman was the best of all the fist 52 issues and the second one isn't letting up. As much as WW is part of the League, she is a God first and foremost and I love that Azzarello is playing that. Let League deal with the hero community. The best part is that Azzarello is able to make this read as something new and yet completely familiar. Like an old friend and remembering why you became friends all those years ago, even is you don't see them very often now. It's fresh and crisp and amazing and you should read it.

Notable Mentions
Fear Itself #7 (of 7) - More set-up than ending, this issue was jammed. The Worthy have a few pages of fighting. Broxton comes to help Cap fight. Cap picks up Mjolnir (badass). Odin cast out the Asgardians from Asgard (?).
Oh, and Thor died. For now.
Justice League #2 - This is the start that I was expecting issue one to have. Awesome fighting and awesome restart to the team. If things are this good, it should become a great book.

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