Friday, October 7, 2011

Clif-Notes: Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist

If you listen to Five Finger's first album of The Way of the Fist, it's almost laughable. I still liked it and it has a couple of cool tracks but it comes off as a high school garage band, that is playing what they think rock is suppose to sound like. Just loud noises, loud voices and a lot of cursing.
Two years later, they released War is the Answer and it's very clear that they have "evolved" as a band. Throwing in melody with those loud noises and real vocals with those screams. They still had some of those garage tendencies but they were above and beyond what they were. And their remake of Bad Company is one of the better remakes to have come out in a long time.
Two more years down the line and releasing this next Tuesday, the 11th, is their third, American Capitalist and it is easily their best one yet. Great sounds. Great Voices. Great beats. The fianl track is still very "garage" but I'll let it slide. I don't really know music enough to tell you why it's so great, just that it is. If you like 5FDP, you will love this album. It's great.

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