Friday, January 20, 2012

Clif-Notes: Underworld - Awakening

The fourth installment of the Underworld franchise has Selene waking up after 12 years of frozen captivity, to discover that the world has found out about vampires and lycans and want them all dead. She soon learns that there are more sinister plots in play (obviously) and must find out who, what, where and when in order to save herself and her love, Michael. If that's even possible... Dun dun dun.
I have had one main problem with the last three Underworlds and that's the fact that they are all the same movie. They're so dark in color and they stories are all the same except in different locations, that they all tend to blend together for me. I couldn't tell you which movie was what except the first. And this but that's cuz I just saw it.
However, this may also be it's greatest strength. I go into these movies thinking I'm going to like them as much as the last one. The writing, acting and production are all still high in quality (in comparison to the first) which is something not all sequels have, let alone three sequels. These may not be every body's cup of tea but they are mine and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them, this new one included. More true than most others, if you enjoyed the last ones, there's no way you won't enjoy this one. I only wonder how much longer they can ride this train before everybody realizes it's not actually moving anywhere.
And I have to say I was a little surprised that I liked Selene having a child now. A nice little hybrid that is looking to be just as badass as Kate Beckinsale. It's not a new concept to movies but it's interesting to have a child in the Underworld movies now. I'm sure she'll have even more fighting and badassedness in the fifth one.

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