Friday, January 6, 2012

Hidden Gems - Green Wake

Image has hit some gold in this semi-new title, Green Wake. I read it based on reviews of another book by the same artist. Still haven't read that book but I will be soon now.
Green Wake is a place in between. Walk far enough, and you'll find yourself back where you began. It's a place of guilt and regret and now it's a place of murder. And somehow, after the main suspect goes missing, her ex boyfriend suddenly appears in Wake. Things are too coincidental for Morley Mack, a self appointed police officer of sorts. He and his partner Krieger are the two who are willing to help the new population and keep things sane. Or as sane as Green Wake can be.
It's written by Kurtis Wieber who has pretty much nothing worth mentioning published before this and is drawn by Riley Rossmo, whose earlier mentioned book, Proof, is probably his biggest work. This book has made me take notice of both names, though, as it is a huge surprise. Wieber has a weird way with words. It's dark and crisp and very poetic in... well weird way. It flows amazingly though. And Rossmo's art is crazy. It's almost like a more finished version of Bill Sienkiewicz's stuff. It's dark and messy and beautiful at the same time. I loved it from the first pages.
Green Wake is another book that shows how "different" comics can be. You have no tights (at least yet) and it's smart and mature writing. It's only been out eight issues but the first five have been released in a softcover and I recommend taking a look at it. It's worth the ten bucks.

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