Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top Three

It may be a week into the new year, but it's never too late to talk about movies. So here are the top three movies for me of 2010.

3) X-Men: First Class
This one is kind of a cheat as it's so high because I had such little hope for it. After the mess that was Last Stand (much as I still actually enjoyed it) and the debacle of Origins: Wolverine (much as I still actually enjoyed it), I didn't have big expectations when they said they were "rebooting" it and making it a period piece. Put that with the fact that they made this movie and released it all within about a year and that actors and directors were here and there and gone and back the entire time, fluster cluck was the biggest thing I could think. Then there was the picture releasing. Images of the characters and their costumes were "leaked" and fans went ape shit. Nothing horrible, in my book, but nothing to change my mind either. Trailer finally gets released and it look pretty decent. Even though they never show us Kevin Bacon or his villain role. Why hide that? More worry about things. And then I saw it and couldn't wait to see it again. The story flowed amazingly with actual history. The acting was superb, leaving me to wonder how come I hadn't been recognizing Michael Fassbender a lot more. This movie floored me. Whether it was the low expectations or the great movie making, this was easily the best made X-Men movie for me.

2) Drive
Ryan Gosling has always been a good actor. Never really did much for me in terms of forcing me to see his movies but he's been good in everything that I have seen him in. The came this movie outta nowhere. Stunt driver gets caught up in more drama and must fight his way out. I heard a lot of negative things about this movie from people coming out of the theater. I kid you not, a lady somewhere else (not sure the state) tried to sue the movie studio and the theater she watched it out because it wasn't like Fast and Furious as the trailers made it appear to be. Some people shouldn't breed. However, I also heard about how violent it was. And I love violence so I decided to give it a go and I am very glad I did. The front half was a little slow as it was almost all set up but it was a great payoff by the end. You love the characters, you love the acting and you love the crazy 80s music throughout. It was a crazy ride of a movie and it moved Gosling up from good actor to great actor for me. The dvd comes out the 31st and I recommend giving it a shot. It's kind of a love it or hate it movie bu I definitely loved it.

1) Warrior
What can I say about this movie that I haven't already said? For me, it was the best written, best acted movie of the year. You cringe with every punch thrown and you cry with every hit taken. Tom Hardy was brilliant as ever. You felt his pain and anger through every minute he's on the screen. Joel Edgerton blew me away the most as the "good son". You know how badly he wants his brother back and you feel every stab that he takes while trying to get him. I only knew him from Star Wars so that right there should tell ya how his acting did rank before this. And Nick Nolte was great. I had no idea that this guy could act. I honestly believe that all three men should be nominated but as things usually go, Nolte would probably be the only one but it would absolutely be well earned. You don't have to like MMA to like this movie. It's a character. It's a setting. It is everything for this movie but only fighting. This is the movie that I say everyone should see at least once. You may not agree with me but it's worth watching.


  1. Not that it matters too much, but my top five:

    5. The People Vs. George Lucas
    4. Horrible Bosses
    3. Captain America: First Avenger
    2. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil
    1. 50/50

  2. I like your list, sir. 50/50 is tough for me. Was a great movie but it's not one I could watch over and over so I'm still not sure where it would go on my full list

  3. Yeah, I don't think 50/50 is a flick I'd watch over and over again. But, it moved me more than any other movie I saw last year, so I had to pick it. I really need to see Drive. That flick looked pretty awesome.