Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #20 - Otherworld: Chapter One
Well, it turns out that Captain Britain and the Britain Corps, as protectors of Otherworld and all dimensions (obviously), have a problem with Fantomex killing a child who has done nothing wrong. At the end of #19, they appeared and took him and Betsy, sister to Captain Britain, to stand trail for his crimes.
Turns out Fantomex is quite an anomaly. No version of him exists in any other dimension and the Britain Corps believes he shouldn't exist in this one either. There was no evidence that the child Apocalypse would turn into a monster and thus, he just killed a child. Along the way, Brian Braddock is trying to convince his sister to come back to the "family business" and dawn the mantle of Lady Britain as she should have long ago. With her at their side, they can fight off outside forces and reclaim full protection over Otherworld.
Back in the regular universe, Deadpool and Wolverine are running through some danger room scenarios with AoA Nightcrawler, trying to better prepare him for the changes he will face in this world. Some of his most trusted friends are ruthless enemies here. After some gentle quipping from both sides, Ultimaton comes to inform them of the breach and the taking of Psylock and Fantomex. Using Gateway as their transport, the three other Forcers head to Otherworld only to find war right at it's doorstep. Soon as they enter, Deadpool's head is lobbed off and Nightcrawler is taken out, leaving us with a final page that shows Fantomex receiving his guilty sentence, Wolverine standing alone in a war that's not his and Psylock back in the red, white and blue of Britain.
Dun dun dun...
Not much reasoning to give her. Remender is amazing as always on this book. The guest art of Greg Tocchini looked great in it's portrayal of Otherworld. Just abstract enough to fit the location but coherent enough for us to still follow what each image is giving. And AoA Nightcrawler is proving to be a complete change for the team to take in. No God, very few morals, piss, vinegar and a lot of death on his mind. A perfect fit for the team if he were somebody other than Nightcrawler. It'll be interesting to see how Remender continues with his interaction with the team after their first "mission".

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