Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NB of the Week

Secret Avengers #21.1 - Red Light Nation
As most Point One issues try to be, this was full of set-up for upcoming issues. The Point One initiative was done to give readers a new place to start on a title. While some have been far from hitting the mark, this issue does it well.
Cap and Hawkeye go on a covert mission to Bagalia in order to stop an American Senator from being assassinated. However, since Bagalia is a sovereign state, they have to do it on the down-low and nobody can know. After quickly finding him, and after Cap suggests the front door is a bad risk, Hawkeye simply kicks it in. Always rushing first, Hawkeye doesn't take notice that this is nothing but a set-up. A life model decoy and guards trying to kill them. As they run to safety, Cap scolds Hawkeye like a child for not thinking. That this was a test to see if he could lead Cap's covert team and he has failed. Storming away, Hawkeye is long gone before Cap is attacked again. This time by Vengeance, Whiplash and Princess Python; members to Max Fury and the Shadow Council's new Master's of Evil team. As Max has Cap tied to a chair, he begins revealing how smart he is and how they will rule the world (very Bond of him to do). But as comics go, no way would Cap be down for the count. Hell, even death couldn't stop him. From behind, a familiar, purple arrow punctures through Max's hand, revealing that one of the guards was Hawkeye the whole time. Quickly taking everyone out, Hawkeye has enough time to grab Cap and head out the window. Having proven himself for the spy game, Cap hands the reigns of the Secret Avengers over.
I freely admit that this was not the best story of the week. It was a little slow and mostly set-up but this issue had more more excited for it's future issues than any other book did. Maybe it's because Rick Remender started with this issue. It's possible. Either way, I can't wait for the next issue and to read where Remender takes this team. I have very high hopes.

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