Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hidden Gems - Sweet Tooth

I started reading a "new" comic the other called Sweet Tooth (it started in 2009 so it's not that new). It's writer and artist is Jeff Lemire hasn't really had a major hit yet but I just noticed him as he is the writer of Animal Man for DC's New 52 and that book has been pretty great so far.
Tooth is the story of Gus, a little hybrid boy who is part human, part deer. After a plague hit the world, wiping out a lot of it's population, all children have started being born as these hybrids. But Gus is special. He claims to be one year older then when the plague first hit. Finding him, betraying him and (probably) saving him is Jepperd. An old, grizzled man who lost his wife and hates the world. And he's also one BAMF of a dude.
I started reading this book last night, I've read the first year's worth of story and I can't wait to have more time to finish. It's only at issue 28 and each issue has gotten better than the last. Once 100 Bullets finished, I was worried that Vertigo wouldn't be able to catch my attention this way again and I'm thankful that Lemire and Sweet Tooth have proven me wrong. I'm not sure where the story or characters are going quite yet but I'm certain I'm excited to find out. Definitely check out this book before you get left behind. Worth every penny.

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