Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NB of the Week

Stormwatch #4 - The Dark Side: Part 4
This is a bitter sweet NB, as I will explain later on but for now, the sweet.
Paul Cornell has made Stormwatch one of the top books in the "New 52", in my opinion. It started a bit slow but has picked up and gotten better every issue, with this one being the best of the lot. The team is back to being dark and gritty and somehow real even with everything happening.
The moon came alive. A creature/monster has "eaten" the team, leaving only Apollo and Midnighter. A lost city called Alba Umbra won't help because it's been lost for so long that it thinks everyone/thing is a dream. Midnighter being the savior and figuring out how to power Apollo back up so that he can go ape-shit on the bad guy. Swords and sorcery and super-powers and everything that should be in a Stormwatch book. This is easily the best incarnation of the title since the Ellis/Millar days.
And now the bitter.
Paul Cornell has announced that issue six will be his last issue. Paul Jenkins is set for a two-part story after that but no full writer has been named yet. Which is shit. DC has been switching out writers left and right with books that one would guess aren't the biggest sellers which leads me to believe that this was not a decision that Cornell made personally. Considering how in advance these things try to be, they maybe got sales figures from three issues before pulling his plug (assuming that is what happened) which isn't long enough. This book deserves to be out there over many others. Men of War, All-Star Western, Mr. Terrific, Batgirl, 1 of the Legion books (one getting a writing change), Blackhawks, Blue Beetle, Deathstroke, Grifter, Hawk & Dove, Justice League International, OMAC. All shit still going.
Superman, Static Shock, Firestorm, Legion, Voodoo, Green Arrow. All books that have had sudden changes in the writer. DC is mucking themselves over already. I understand the need to cut losses and most of these new books probably need it but only giving an issue or two doesn't give enough feedback time. Look at books like Uncanny X-Force, Walking Dead, Invincible, Powers or Chew. Amazing books that were not bought at their beginning. All big names and sellers now. DC needs to pull their heads outta their asses and learn how to sell books.
Or at least give me back Cornell for Stormwatch.

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