Friday, December 30, 2011

NB of the Week

Family. Holidays. Blah blah. Onto my NB.
Kick-Ass 2 #6
Hit-Girl is fudging back! This book is majorly slow but it's just as cool and violent as the first series. After that one, Kit-Girl has given up the costume and Kick-Ass has joined a new team of vigilantes. Only so has the formerly called Red Mist (now called a bad name that rhymes with Hother Lucker) with a team of evil doers. Many people have died, including Dave's father and the battle has gotten very one-sided. As issue 5 ended, Dave has been taken by MF's baddies, only to have their van shot up and all of them killed by none other than Hit-Girl.
After getting Dave free, they pull up to the drop point to surprise everyone else with a lot of violence and a lot of payback, which takes up about the first half of the issue. Using her now cop father to set up defenses, HG and KA prepare for MF's climax of terror. And if he's gonna call out all his bad friends, they're gonna get all the good ones they can find. As MF and his crew start to rain down mayhem in Times Square, they are surprised to see only HG and KA standing in their way (after MF was able to dispatch the cops elsewhere). Or so they think. As the hoard of people behind them start to take of hoodies and place on masks, MF sees that they tables are now even. One more issue to go and it's good versus evil in what should be a very good, very bloody comic book.
Millar is awesome. It's that simple. Kick-Ass one was great and Kick-Ass two is making out to be just as ridiculous and just as awesome. More so, later this summer, Miller and Romita Jr are starting up the Hit-Girl ongoing. Count me in. It may be super late and all but it's worth the read. And who doesn't love little girls who curse and kill the bad guys? That's right. Nobody.

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