Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #18 - The Dark Angel Saga: Conclusion
It should really come as no surprise that this was my pick for the week. It's been an amazing book from the very start and the Dark Angel Saga has put most every story out right now to shame.
It's everybody's last stand. Sunfire goes ape-shit on AoA Iceman, Deathlok is able to reason is mind out from War and chase off Dark Beast and the Horsemen, Wolverine and Iceman are completely out of commission and Psylock and Fantomex are all that can stop Archangel. After Deathlok clears his mind, the others take off, leaving Archangel behind, claiming it's his will for this to happen. We don't see them further but Dark Beast leaves us with the information that Pestilence is currently carrying the heir of Archangel.
Back as Psylock and Fantomex try to stop Warren from taking the world, we find out that he is not one to mess with as he promptly stabs Fantomex in the head. Don't worry, he has another brain which he uses to call over to The World and have Ultimaton "let him out". Turns out the child's body we saw in a stasis chamber a while back is the kid he "killed" at the very start (or a variation of it in some way). He's been trying to program him to be a force of good and he may be their only hope because Psylock couldn't "pull the trigger" on Warren when she had the chance. Young En Sabah Nur flies in, hoping to overpower Archangel but he is discarded like they rest, not ready for a fight of this magnitude. However, as Archangel stands over the child's smoking body, he turns in surprise as Psylock stabs the Life Seed into the middle of his torso. Light and pain fill his lungs and expel out his eyes, mouth and chest. Cleansing his mind of Apocalypse, Warren reemerges to meet Betsy one last time. As he lays dying, she is by his side and in his mind. With a change of art (to the great Esad Ribic), we see Betsy giving Warren the life and peace he has always wanted. They are happily married with two lovely daughters, everyone growing old with each other up to the point of his death. As an old Warren is in bad next to an old Betsy, he coughs out an apology for not making that life easy for her. As he fades away, she leaves him with the tearful solace that he always did enough and that he was always her hero. We cut back to the real world as Fantomex is trying to pull Psylock away from Warren's body as everything around them is crashing and burning, needing to make it to safety before they go down with it. As they grab the survivors from the AoA and meet back with Deathlok (who has both Wolverine and the many pieces of Deadpool in a sack), Betsy looks up in the snow storm to see a naked, blond, winded man walking towards them. As she runs at him, calling out "Warren!", she wraps her arms around him and kisses him. We're left with a final page of him pulling her off, asking "Who are you?".
Wow. This may be one of the single best issues I have read in a long time. Everything about this book is amazing. Everything about this story is amazing. And everyone who has not been reading this book is very stupid and probably smells funny. Force may just be the best comic that I'm reading and has single-handedly made me a believer in Rick Remender's writing. At this point, I am more than willing to try whatever book he puts his hand on.

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