Thursday, December 1, 2011

Clif-Notes: The Muppets

Everybody her remember the original Muppet Movie? How about the the original Muppet Show? If you do and you are a fan of either, you should love this new venture into master puppetry.
Gary and Mary (Jason Segel and Amy Adams) are heading to LA for their tenth anniversary. Along with Gary's Muppet brother Walter. As Mary gets a bit left out, the three of them must help Kermit the Frog bring back the old gang one more time to try and save the Muppet Theatre from an oil tycoon trying to tear it down.
Ya know, there really isn't much I can about this movie other than I loved it. Not the best movie of the year and not without it's flaws, the Muppets finally get back to their roots and make a movie that is pure Muppet and not just Disney product. It has most everything that made the original Muppets' stuff amazing. Corny humor that has a bit too much adult teases to be just for children, guest stars coming out the black hole (much as I don't like her, I liked that Selena Gomez didn't know who anybody was) and, of course, Muppets running everywhere. As I said, if you enjoy the Muppets at all, especially if you enjoy the early stuff, go see this movie. You will be very happy with it.

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