Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NB of the Week

The Ultimate s#4: The Republic is Burning - Chapter 4
Asgard has fallen. Thor is all that is left of the lineage. The Children of Tomorrow seem to be unstoppable. As issue three ended, Thor teleported into The City, strapped with new gear from Stark, ready for death and revenge.
After finding and freeing Captain Britain, Thor quickly comes across The Maker and his army. Provoking a fight with the Asgardian is all to easy (Gods have such fragile egos, after all) and Thor ends up getting his ass handed to him for four awesome pages of art. However, The Maker lets him live so that he can his messenger. The Maker reveals his face to Thor (not yet to us) and delivers the reality he wants Fury to know:
"The City has reached it's current potential -- it has finished growing, and only the children are welcome here. All that we have claimed is now ours, forever --the rest we leave to you and the world. Accept this for what it is and never return. It is peace and the best we have to offer.
Oh, and tell them, Thor -- I was right all along."
Uh oh. That last part can't be good.
Thor, beaten and alone, is overcome with shame and grief. Until Odin appears before him. As he gives him the "father's speech" about standing tall and making the world a better place as he is suppose to, he reveals to him that although he is the last Asgardian, he is far from alone. As Thor turns, he is amazed at the sight, as the picture to the right shows.
"It appears you have become Valhalla, my friend."
As Thor is brought back and tells Fury of what has transpired, he finally reveals the face behind the mask of The Maker. None other than hero-turned-villain, Reed Richards.
Hickman can almost do no wrong right now with me. The dude has turned the Ultimates into a team that should scare the baddies. And killing all of Asgard? At the hands of Reed Richards? The Ultimate Universe is not one to be trifled with. This book is back at being top notch and fans of the first Millar stuff should definitely be reading this one.

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