Friday, November 11, 2011

Clif-Notes: Immortals

As I think anybody who has seen The Fall knows, Tarsem Singh can direct a movie. The Cell, with whatever acting problems I had with Jennifer Lopez or Vince Vaughn, was a beautiful orgy of visuals. And I mean that literally. The visuals had sexual intercourse with my retinas and it was amazing. The Fall was much more subtle with it's beauty. The Fall took me to dinner and a movie, walked me to my door, where I invited it in for some "coffee" and then it made me pancakes in the morning. So you may be able to understand how excited I was for him to handle a movie about a mad king releasing the Titans and waging war on Gods and man alike.
I did not leave the theater disappointed.
I found it amazing on all levels. Cavill as Theseus was great. Rourke is always great as the gruff, mad at the world type. Freida Pinto was 1000xs better than she was in Slumdog (though I was not a fan of that movie so she kinda just gets lumped into that). Even Dorff was livable but I don't think I've seen him in anything since Blade.
I can't get all existential on ya about this movie or go into the technical aspects of it but I can tell you what I liked and I absolutely liked this movie. If you have any inkling to see it, you won't leave disappointed.

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