Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NB of the Week

Wonder Woman #3 - Clay
I've decided that one of the main reasons that I'm loving Azzarello's new Wonder Woman so much is that it's one of the few books from the New 52 that is actually changing and starting new. Many of the other books are just the same concepts redone for more readers but Wonder Woman is actually changing.
After the revelation that Diana is the daughter of Zeus, we get her real origin. Turns out long before Diana, there was Zeus and Hippolyta. King of the Gods and queen of the Amazons. And the song they sang was only for them and not the poets. IE - they had great sex. And born from that was Diana. Not a child of clay as her mother (with others) concocted. That was a ruse, knowing very well that Hera would have killed her in her crib if she knew she was the daughter of Zeus. As this is happening, we keep cutting back the other Amazons who are tasked with burying the dead they had just killed (while being tricked by Strife on the last issue). One in particular, Aleka, is fed up with their princess and wants to form a nice little coup to get rid of her and her Gods. After storming away from her mother Diana comes across Aleka and her "posse".
"There she is, sisters... The one that brought shame to our isla--"
Sadly, Diana's right hook takes care of Aleka before she can finish. After she herself burns the bodies of the fallen, Diana gives everybody what they want. She forsakes her people, the island and her name. Leaving for good, she claims she is now only known as Wonder Woman.
In only three short issues, Azzarello has made Wonder Woman one of the best books DC has done in years. It's brash and simple and doesn't ask for permission of any kind and it has succeeded on all counts so far. I know it's still relatively early in the New 52 era but I've read every issue one and most issue twos and WW is easily the best book I've read out of them all.

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