Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NB of the Week

This was another week filled with some pretty good reads and I was once again torn between three.
Ultimate Spider-Man #3 was yet again another testament to Brian Michael Bendis being able to do whatever he wants. There is no reason why anybody should be upset about Pete being killed off, especially if they have actually read this book. In this issue we have Miles still figuring out what to do. After hearing shit was going down with Spidey, he actually jumped his way over there. Turns out Miles was a witness to Peter's death and it's the deciding factor to become a hero. Turns out Pete's death, if only for Miles, was inspiration enough for somebody to do some good.
Green Lantern #3 was another great chapter in Johns' run. Sinestro is pretty pissed that his Corps has taken over his planet and enslaved his people. Which of course means that he has to make Hal a green ring and force him to help take them out. However, this issue has another ending that I definitely didn't see coming. As a long reader, you know that this ending is not what it appears to be but Johns is great enough that I still dropped my jaw and asked "What the fart?!"
But my ultimate winner, for it's fourth strait issue...
Uncanny X-Force #17 - The Dark Angel Saga: Chapter 7
Betsy has been changed into the Horseman of Death. Fantomex has fled his team. Deadpool has been frozen and shattered into tiny pieces. Deathlok has been taken over by Archangel. Wolverine fights as the last hope for life. Until a bunch of Age of Apocalypsers come charging outta nowhere?!
Once again the master of misdirection, turns out Fantomex wasn't running. He was getting more help from the one place that has fought this fight before. AoA Sabretooth, Wildchild, Nightcrawler, Phoenix and Sunfire to the rescue! As Phoenix fights Death for Betsy's mind, everyone else goes after Archangel to stop him. Which doesn't go so well for them. Wildchild is cut in half. Sunfire is trapped under AoA Iceman (though I would think fire would win that fight). Wolverine gets fried down to not much else but a skeleton. Sabretooth and Nightcrawler are left in bloody pools. But as Archangel opens the doors to his device, to place the lifeseed himself, he and we are left with the image of Fantomex and Psylock, waiting and ready to make the final stand.
Amazing. Read this book. Every issue is better than the last.

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