Monday, November 21, 2011

Child of the 80's

The Wuzzles (1985)
The Wuzzles was a tv show that involved characters that were all hybrids of multiple animals. My brother had the Bumblelion toy (half bumble bee, half lion), my sister had the Moosel one (half moose, half seal) and I had Hoppopotamus (half rabbit, half hippopotamus). This is one of those things that make me think my parents were trying to make me their gay son the whole time (I was also given a Toni Braxton cd for a Christmas present and a Donna Lewis tape for a birthday. Look them all up and tell me I'm wrong) but that's not an idea made until years after so I digress.
The adventures of everyone in the show were just like that of any other cartoon, meaning they had little sense and we didn't care. There was the evil Crock (who at half crocodile and half dinosaur, really got the longest straw in that group. Lucky bastard) who was always trying to foil the plans and just be a douche in general. His idiot sidekicks who were just the bumbling fools that every evil sidekick is. Really, I just remember liking Rhinokey (rhinoceros/monkey) but I always did have a thing for monkeys.
Anywho, not really sure why this show came into my head all of a sudden but I'm not to upset about it. Cartoons now are nowhere near as cool as the cartoons then and I feel sorry for future generations that won't get to experience these ones. And for the shit they will probably have in the future. Leave it to Bieber or some junk like that. May the good lord help those who watch Leave it to Bieber.


  1. I had Butterbear, 80's cartoons are pretty much the best.

  2. Nobody at work even knows what this is so I'm glad there's at least one person around who does.