Sunday, November 27, 2011

I May Be Gay...

Read me out first before you judge.
My friend Aaron sent me a picture today (not that kind, keep reading...). Aaron's family is friends with another family who have a little boy who has terminal cancer. Apparently, this boy wanted to be Captain America for Halloween. As if that wasn't cool enough, they actually sent a picture of him to Chris Evans (or it got to him somehow) and Evans than sent an email to them with a picture of him holding the picture of their son, thanking him and letting him know that he was in his thoughts this Thanksgiving.
How fudging awesome is that?! I'm a bit jealous of this kid.
Now, I know there are many celebrities out there that are still grounded in life and want to help give back to their fans but this is amazing. The fact this Evans went out of his way and time, even if he didn't write the email himself or anything, to make sure this kid knew that Captain America was wishing him well, is great. This kid probably has a smile that very few of us have and it's all from one guy taking 2 minutes of his day.
I already had a man crush of Chris Evans, but this little act may have turned me completely gay for him.

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