Monday, November 14, 2011

Clif-Notes: Halcyon

Halcyon is a five-issue mini series from Image Comics and it's premise is actually quite simple:
What happens when the never-ending battle for truth and justice actually ends?
That's exactly what happens to the super group Halcyon. Over the course of a year, the world's crime and violence has stopped. No war, no evil villains, no crime. Humans no longer have the capacity to hurt one another. The desire is completely gone. What do the heroes of the world do now? Well, for Sabre, it only means he has to find another way to stop what- or whoever it is that is causing this wholly unnatural occurrence. Only problem is that not all his hero buddies think it's a bad thing.
I was very impressed with this series. Written by Marc Guggenheim (Wolverine & Amazing Spider-Man amongst others) takes a great concept and hits it out of the park. It's such a simple idea and yet the book doesn't play out as such. It never reaches a point where I though to myself "I've been here before", even though it almost feels like it should. Originally announced as an ongoing, it was cut to only five issue which is a shame. It's ending, while definitely being an open-ended conclusion, leaves you satisfied and yet wanting more. I truly hope that Image give Guggenheim another shot at more (even though it's Image and you know they won't make any smart decision like that. I mean come on. They still think Spawn is one of their flagship titles...).
If you have been looking for a new book that isn't the same kind of regurgitated hero writings, check this one out. While playing on the ideas that made books like Watchmen so amazing, it also proves that those ideas, when written intelligently, never grow old.

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