Thursday, December 22, 2011

NB of the Week

Thanks to work and the holidays, my NB is a day late but it's still there all the same so I'll get to it.
Wonder Woman #4 - Blood
Having left Paradise Island after the revelation that she is the daughter of Zeus, Diana is moving herself into a "more normal" life. We see her in a bar/dance club along with Zola, Hermes and Strife and we find out that Diana has no room for Strife's games or her threats. After "attacking" Zola, Diana stabs a broken glass into Strife's hand, making it very clear who her family is and always will be. Strife slinks out in God-like fashion, vowing more problems to come.
Back at Paradise Island, Hippolyta knows she has caused great pain to Diana but her troubles have only begun for Hera has arrived. Hippolyta offers herself to her Goddess as retribution for having a child with Zeus, asking for forgiveness. As Hera claims she wishes she could, we cut back to Diana.
Having spoken further to Zola, Diana has come to regret her storming away from her mother. Any lie she was told had to be from a source of protection and her mother has always loved her. She races back to Paradise to make amends but is shocked when she find lone armory across the ground with snakes covering most everything else. She slowly wanders forward, talking aloud, asking for her own forgiveness. As the final page comes, we find her kneeling down, wrapping herself around Hippolyta, who is now nothing more than a stone pillar.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Azzarello gets Wonder Woman. Still the best book DC is doing now and still the one I look forward to the most each month. Plain and simple.

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