Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cover Showcase

JSA #58
During Geoff Johns' amazing run into the Justice Society, we had the story Black Reign (which crossed over with Johns' Hawkman) in which Black Adam went in to his home country of Khandaq, killed it's dictator and took back what was his to rule and protect.
Each cover to this story was beautifully done by John Watson with JSA #58 being the big standout. To convey true emotion in a drawing is difficult. Sure you can tell us what is being felt easily. A smile is happy. Some tears usually means sadness. But to make us feel the emotion is much harder. With this cover, we know what torment Atom Smasher is feeling. In the story, he has left the JSA in order to join Black Adam and make sure real justice is handed out only to find what they are doing to be close to that which he is fighting. None of which even needs to be known in order to know his pain. Throw in that you can get that while he's still mostly masked is an even harder accomplishment. All praise to Watson. I have no idea what he's doing now but I'm more than willing to find out (probably an easy enough task...).

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