Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NB of the Week

Speed Round!
(Spoils be listed From Her Out!)

Uncanny X-Force #25
Turns out somebody knows that Kid Apocalypse is at Wolverine's school. It also turns out that somebody (probably the some somebodies) don't like the Forcers and the Omega Clan (made from the original Omega Red) is there to do their bidding. Also, Psylock and Fantomex leave the team but who doesn't leave their team only to rejoin? Nothing big in that one.

New Avengers #26
Many years ago, in the hidden city of K'Un Lun (home to the Iron Fist and their many peoples) a vision was had of the fir bird fighting the dragon. After finding the red-haired girl in town that was in the vision, they began training her as the new Iron Fist so that she could battle this fire bird. While this may be a tie-in to AvX (Avengers versus X-Men), its still a damn cool back-story to the legend of the Iron Fist. Plus Deodato's art look amazing.

Artifacts #17
After the destruction of the Top Cow Universe, the Darkness was able to rebuild it as he sought fit. After finding out that he was unable to completely destroy the Angelus, he decided to separate the entity amongst many so that it's power would never be full again. As characters begin to find their new place in this new universe, Danielle Baptiste (once half the Witchblade and once full Angelus) meets her old girlfriend Finch for the first time in this new Universe. So does the Angelus. And the Angelus has found what appears to be a new, full host in Finch. Ron Marz is great and Stjepan Sejic's art is absolutely brilliant. Look him up.

Green Lantern #9
Hal Jordan begins to get answers about the Indigo Tribe. Turns out that after Abin Sur saved a planet called Nok, he and the only remaining inhabitant used the planet's energy to build weapons. After finding out that those weapons caused momentary remorse in the ones they struck, Abin had the man harness the energy into rings in order to transform the worst possible creatures into beings of compassion. His ultimate goal? After the prophesied Blackest Knight, he would need these beings and rings to help save everyone from what the Guardians of the Universe were going to do. Except now Abin is dead. Hearing this and seeing no hope left, the lone inhabitant of Nok destroys the energy source, destroying all the rings with it, leaving Hal on a planet with the most hardened monsters around. All of which have now been given their own minds and will back...

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