Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guilty Pleasure #3

The Spice Girls
There is plenty here that I should be ashamed of but I can't help but smile when the music of the Spice Girls comes to mind. I don't remember when exactly I became a fan. More than likely I saw the video for Wannabe and fell for 'em all. I still own their first two albums (two of many albums I probably should get rid of but can) and still feel that little piece of happiness when I see them. Yes they were a fad. They found their corner of Girl Power and made a huge name for themselves from it. Toys, a movie, bags of chips, packaged photos, magazines, Pepsi, perfume, clothing, video games. They did it all and more importantly they sold it all. They had the attention of everybody and I just couldn't help myself. I had a thing for Scary Spice (Mel B, if I remember their names correctly and I sadly think I do) but now-a-days she has a baby with Eddy Murphy and that's kind of a deal breaker.
And to be honest, I had a semi-difficult time deciding which music video to put here. Not sure why I chose this one but ah well. Just as good as the others.
Enjoy as I did/am/will.

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