Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NB of the Week

Speed Round!
(As always, Spoils follow!)

The Ultimates #11
Reed Richards is a better villain than hero. Plain and simple. The White House has been attacked and Fury and his men have all be rounded up as Weapons of Mass Destruction under the Winter Protocol. Thor and Iron Man try to get help from the President but instead he turns Tony over to Reed. Something tells me this is part of the plan... Just a hunch.
FF #18
Johnny is all that's left to teach the young'ins in class today but when love and reproduction come up, he takes the kids on a field trip back to his "kingdom" in the Negative Zone. Only things are a little crazy there. There are uprisings and revolts and Johnny has to deal with that now. Turns out its very simple though: they only want him to promise them free elections. Easy. Any of the three others under Johnny's rule would do a great job. Except he forgot about the write-in vote. Sadly, Annihilus just beat out the closest candidate by 14,980,336,834,233 votes.

Powers #10
Somebody has been killing the Golden Ones (Gods on Earth). But who in the hell can kill a God? Turns out a scientist named Dillon Trumbler can with the help of the Powers Virus (pretty mush an STD that gives people super powers while killing their bodies). It also turns out that the Golden Ones are very, very bad people and kinda deserved what Dillon did. I won't go into details but after both he and his wife were "unwilling seduced" and left for dead, he wanted payback. Only now the higher up Gods have been defied by man and a wrath is on the move.
Did I mention that after issue #11 the series is relaunching again? I'm sure the mad Gods don't have much play in that.

Supercrooks #3
To help the gambling debts of a friend, Johnny Bolt has gathered a team of villains to help rob one of the world's worst villains. Everybody wins that way, right? Not so much. After sending in his ex, she heads off (her job done) and he and the rest go after the goods. Only The Bastard (yeah, that's the big baddies mantle) hasn't lost his touch with age. As Bolt and the others head into his mansion, Bastard stops by the airport to have a word with the pretty lady. One issue left and I can guarantee we haven't seen the last piece of blood and mayhem in this title.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10
How sweet is this book? Turns out the turtles and Splinter were created to part of General Krang's army which was made in order to fight Shredder and the Foot Clan, both of whom want nothing more than power and control. Splinter is made to fight so that he can be tested and brought into the Foot but when he declines to kill his opponent, Shredder and he finally realize that they have known each other for far too long. Both have been reincarnated (as have the turtles) and are meant to kill one another once more. My money is on the rat.

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