Friday, May 25, 2012

To You Truck People...

You suck. Plain and simple. Unless you live in the mountains or you are a framer who needs to lug a lot of shit everywhere, you only have a truck to try and look cool. "If you're a real man, you drive a truck", right? Well I've got news for ya: mostly it just makes you an asshole You don't care about anybody else on the road because you're ass is safe should you run somebody over. You use it as a status of where and who you want to be in life when all it's really saying it that you're a little man who can't make actually his way to those places.
"But Clifton, I drive a truck and I don't think I'm an asshole..."
Too bad. That's like saying I'm not pretentious but I listen to Bill O'Reilly. Sometimes things get socially lumped together and that's the risk you take when you get a truck.
So screw you truck drivers. Good luck on the roads when I finally get that tank I've always wanted.

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