Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NB of the Week

Aquaman #9 - The Others: Chapter Three
Black Manta is gunning for The Others; a group of powered beings that Aquaman was once a part of. But why now? How are they connected? As Aquaman and Ya'Wara (on of The Others) hunt Black Manta, Black Manta hunts The Prisoner (another Other) and Mera interrogates Shin to find out more of the past between Arthur and him. All three stories collide at the end as Manta, in chasing Prisoner, comes faced to face with Aquaman and we get their new history: Arthur's father died of a heartache while fighting Manta and Arthur killed Manta's father in revenge.
If you are a Johns fan, you should be reading this book. Johns is well on his way to making Aquaman another Green Lantern (and in case you don't remember, Hal Jordan was a mediocre character and book, at best before Johns). It's fast and smart and brings him out into a light that he doesn't usually get to shine in. Mix in with it the amazing art of Ivan Reis and you have gold. These two are brilliant apart and even more brilliant together. Easily one of the top books you should be reading from the New DC titles.

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