Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NB of the Week

Saga #3
This series is turning into a no brainer. Brian K. Vaughan is easily at the top of his game again and you will be very sad if you don't read this.
At the end of issue 2, Marko (the horned male) was shot down and a group of mutilated ghosts of kids have appeared.
As the other ghosts begin to walk away from the scared and demanding Alana (the winged mother) gets feisty, one ghost stays. Her name is Izabel, she's a mouthy teen who walked on a land mine and now has her lower half missing and intestines hanging out. Alana needs snow to help with a healing potion to save Marko's life and Izabel may be their only hope but she wants something in return. Sh wants off this planet along with Alana and Marko. Only problem is that she's bonded to the place and the only way off is to be bonded with a living native. Considering the war has killed all natives, that rests on the newest member: baby Hazel. Needing to save Marko and having no other way of finding the snow, Alana allows Izabel to bond with Hazel and we get ourselves a severed torso teenage ghost girl into the mix.
Meanwhile, Prince Robot IV is still looking for answers as to why Alana helped Marko escape prison. Not much headway with this issue but we're definitely getting a feel for where he's going. Along with him, we get The Stalker (do ya know The Stalker? Crazy bounty hunter chick that is half spider, half naked and completely scares me) as she is being chased by wild animals. She calls The Will (the guy who has the Lying Cat) for help but he wants nothing to do with her right now.
"Oh, fuck you, you self-righteous piece of... bald!"
To which we get a simple, male response,
Back to out main crew, Alana is telling a fading-fast Marko how everything is gonna be alright. In his jumbled and incoherent words, we get out final conversation between he and Alana:
"please tell my bride I loved her..."
"Marko? Marko, I'm right here."
"please tell Gwendolyn I loved her so much..."
"Who the fuck is Gwendolyn?"
And with that, we get a surprised looking Alana and Izabel and a reminder that we have to wait another month for more genius.
I'm trying to think of another series that had me this captivated by it's third issue. Uncanny X-Force is great but it was a different great. Hell, even Vaughan's Ex and Y (odd titles to put together now that I see it...) didn't blow me away this much. Vaughan has me loving every character in this book. Each one, even the bad guys. If this beginning is any indication, I'm gonna fall madly in love with this series, propose to it (in a friendly state like New York, of course), adopt a few kids from corners of the world and die in it's arms after we grow old. It's that damn good already.

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