Friday, February 25, 2011

Clif-Notes: 127 Hours

Or as I call it: A Rock Does What Spider-Man Couldn't
In case you've been living under a rock (.....), 127 tells the true story of Aaron Ralston as he copes with his arm being trapped, leaving him in the middle of a canyon, alone and without provisions.
With some good Oscar buzz behind it, I wanted to check it out before hand so that I could have an actual say in how good it was. My only problem with this movie was also my biggest fear: I found it a bit slow. At only 94 minutes long, it is considerably shorter than most are but when the subject is "man alone in canyon", it started feeling long at some points for me. That being said, I was quite taken by James Franco in this. Obviously the movie rested on his shoulders but he stood taller than I thought he would. I can't say it was the best performance of the year, but in all honesty, that's not a fair statement coming from me. After Natalie Portman blow me away in Black Swan, I keep waiting for a male performance to do the same. Franco did not do that for me, but he was pretty great. I wouldn't feel upset at all if he ended up winning on Sunday.
The dvd of this comes out on Tuesday and if you haven't already seen it, I would absolutely recommend checking this one out.

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