Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Remembering Rock

I was listening to the latest All That Remains album this morning and I was reminded of how my older brother came into town for Thanksgiving and I tried to play it for him. Within the first minute of the first song, he just scowled and said "Too hard for me, man". Too Hard? This is the guy who introduced me to hard and heavy. I first listened to the likes of Korn and Limp Bizkit (though they may seem laughable to people now, fifteen years ago they were heavy shit) because of him. I found out who Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne were because of him. This was the man who gave me my first copy of Killswitch Engage! And that was while Jesse Leach was still on vocals! But All That Remains was "too hard" for him. Makes me wonder if the day will come when I think this music I love will be "too hard". I hope not. I love singing bands along with all this. Breaking Benjamin. Shinedown. Chris Daughtry. But heavy is what my heart is. Heavy rules my day and heavy will lead my ears into the next revolution. Maybe some day will come and things have to be turned down a bit or I start not being able to understand the words (... more so) but I think I'll still be rockin' it. Disturbed and KISS (don't care what Adam says) and Killswitch and All That Remains and Korn will be right there on the shelf with Shinedown and Elton John and Journey and Andrea Bocelli and Katy Perry and even Josh Groban. Yes, I said Josh Groban.


  1. First off, that pic is f#cking awesome!! Second, yeah, I hate KISS, but Detroit Rock City is brilliant, and it would be brilliant even if New Kids on the Block sang it.

    I can still see you listening to heavy stuff when you get older because you do listen to a range of things. It's only a part of the music you love, not the only thing you wanna hear. And because of that, I don't think you'll ever get tired of it. Hopefully, you and I will still be be doing windmill air guitar leaps of the front porch when we're old geezers.

  2. My parents' house doesn't have a porch...

  3. That's not the point. In fact, it might be even more metal to go do windmill air guitar leaps off a complete stranger's porch.

  4. The use of a stranger's porch has my complete approval. As does the music. Mostly.