Thursday, February 10, 2011

Late NB of the Week

As I bragged about before, I went to Utah yesterday so I did not get the chance to chow my NB with you so here it is. A little late but always worth it.

Ultimate Captain America #2
As anyone who knows me can attest, I loves me some Captain America. You throw in Jason Aaron at the words and I'm as giddy as a priest at Krupp Scout Hollow. Aaron has been making a name for himself as one of the grittiest and best writers around (if you have never read or even heard of Scalped, you should do yourself a favor and go find you some) and throwing him into a Cap book is awesome.
By the end of issue #1, we were introduced to Frank Simpson, the Captain America of Vietnam. Cap is sent out on Simpson's trail because what moderate success the Super-Soldier Serum had on Simpson, is now being used to make Super-Soldiers for other countries and there's no way in hell Cap is gonna let that happen.
Ultimate Cap is dark and gritty and mean, just like a real soldier should be. He still stands for the same morals and values that he always has, but in this universe, he's willing to do whatever he needs to uphold them. Cap tracks Simpson to Cambodia, to a secret village not on any maps. When demanding answers from those villagers, he is taken by surprise when the elder and the children alike attack him with super-soldier strength and speed. Cap is left bloody and beaten on the ground, Simpson now leaning over his body:
"You feel that, Cap? That Fear? That anger? That overwhelming sense of helplessness? That's you're first lesson. First of many. I have so much more to teach you."
Aaron is a perfect fit for the Ultimate Cap. Awesome stuff. Down and dirty like a real soldier. Cap doesn't scare away from the hard work. He may not like it but he knows it has to be done and that it's not about liking it. Great stuff. Give it or any Aaron writings.


  1. That cover totally looks like the shot of the dude coming out of the water in Apocalypse Now. I bet that was intentional....

  2. Also reminds me of Wolverine #9