Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clif-Notes: Unknown

Unknown takes Liam Neeson and tries to back on his success from Taken, as he runs around trying to take back his life. I'll back up a little bit.
Martin Harris and his wife arrived in Germany, coming to a BioTech get-together thing and he is a speaker. Suppose to be a speaker. After a car accident, though, he wakes up four days later with slight memory loss and nobody remembering him. There is another man claiming to be Martin Harris and not even his wife knows who he is. Now he wants answers. If only he could remember all the questions...
Ya like that little cliff-hanger I put on there? I'm proud of it.
Unknown was pretty awesome. The makers know what they are doing as they have obviously tried to make people remember how bad-ass Taken was and convince them this is the next version. While not as good as Taken in my book, this was still a pretty awesome movie. More thriller, who-done-it kinda movie over a vengeance, Liam Neeson kicks ass kinda movie but still worth watching. Probably the best thing about this mystery is that when everything begins to open up and be explained, you can think back to early parts where it perfectly fits and you can see that this is where they were going from jump street. Nothing worse than a mystery that pulls it's surprises outta their ass and you could never have figured it out.
Awesome movie. If you haven't seen Taken, watch this one first so and save the better one for last but still watch 'em both. Great flicks.

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