Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NB of the Week

Ultimate Thor #4
As this series draws to a close, I'm left with a sad impression: nothing really happened. But that's ok. In fact, it actually speaks volumes for it. Nothing says "amazing writing" more so then nothing happening in the story and its still a great read. Every issue of this title has been awesome. We've been treated to the origin of Ultimate Thor. Was it pointless? A little. Was it sweet as hell? Absolutely. We've found out that Loki aligned himself with Nazis to lead a charge against Asgard which in turn left most everybody dead. It that rebirth, Thor has found himself without memory, only glimpses of what was. For three issues, the Brits, lead by Captain Britain, have been trying to figure him out, even bringing in the help of renowned psychologist Doctor Donald Blake!? But isn't Blake Thor's human host in the regular book? Yes. Yes he is. But as we found out in this issue, he is Balder the Brave reborn in this universe and he has helped Thor remember everything. Sadly, that means he is now aware that he has no powers anymore. Enter the Brits. With the back half of the issue, we come to find out all the little things that happened between the pages of the first volume of Ultimates all those years ago. His weather weapons, his meeting with Nick Fury. Ending with why he stepped in to kick the trash of Hulk in Ultimates.
Jonathan Hickman may be making waves with his run on Fantastic Four but this mini was no slob. Great origin and great tie-in to the Ultimates. This one is a must for geeks of either.

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