Monday, June 20, 2011

Clif-Notes: The Man From Nowhere

What happens when you take the move Taken, replace Liam Neeson with a younger, Asian man, replace the daughter with a little neighbor girl and add a lot more violence? You get the amazingly badass movie The Man From Nowhere.
I watched this movie last night and I was blown away. The story is an easy one to follow. A lone pawnshop owner is thought to be part of a drug run gone bad, when the lady responsible pawns the bag that she is hiding the drugs in. Her daughter, with whom Pawnshop has kinda taken to watching over, is taken as leverage and the drug dudes find out that Pawnshop is the wrong man to mess with, as he sets out to find the girl and take out the bad guys for good.
It's easy to make a comparison to Taken simply because of the "I'll find you" premise but this movie is on a whole other level. I am a big fan of Asian cinema (and foreign movies in general) and this is just another example of why. They have a way of making awesome action movies that can incorporate character and drama. Here in America, it feels like a lot of action flicks just blow shit up and are loud. Much as I do love that, I will gladly take a great Asian action flick over an American most any day.
The acting was amazing. The action was great. There's a knife fight towards the end that may be one of the best I have seen in any movie. I absolutely say you should see this movie. Brilliant film making and completely worth your two hours.

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