Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NB of the Week

Ultimate X #5 - What Is Ultimate X?
It took Ultimate X 16 months to put out their full, 5-issue story. Since then, Marvel has announced that there will be a new Ultimate Comics X-Men book in a few months so who knows how much this story actually means anymore but that doesn't take away from the great concept that this title set up.
We begin the issue with Jimmy (Wolverine's son) not being able to buy alcohol and then being almost killed by Sabretooth (I'm sure Wolverine would consider the former to be the worse). Quickly as it started, Sabretooth suddenly disappears. Not sure they are trying to make it secret, but it's pretty obviouse that it's by Quicksilver. While waiting to see if Jimmy will fully heal, the other "X-Men" want revenge but know they don't stand a chance. That's when Karen/Jean has the idea of adding some muscle. She is able to find Bruce Banner and help him control the Hulk as he beats the living crap outta Sabretooth. Again, Quicksilver zooms in and takes him out. From there it becomes a matter of arguing principles between Karen/Jean and Quicksilver. They part ways knowing that they are both wanting the same thing, just different ways (a bit familiar to anyone who knows X-Men). The group now sits around trying to figure out what to do when Karen/Jean finally reveals the secret man behind helping her finding everyone: Nick Fury. Not being happy with the mutant situation, he is trying to help them make it right, under the radar. As Karen/Jean puts it,
"We are not a team. There is no school. No uniforms. There will be no X-Men. We will train and learn in the field. As long as the Mutant Registration Act is enforced, anyone with a gift is in jeopardy. We can go where others can't. Where others won't. We don't have borders. We'll change identities as needed. We are here to fight for anyone who can't."
Now, with this book being so late, I'm not sure if this concept will be the same in the new X-Men book (apparently she was wrong and there will be X-Men) but this story was pretty awesome on it's own. Nothing amazingly new or original but another cool step for an Ultimate version of a long told story. I would like to see the new book keep the concept of a covert team. Like the A Team without the pay. That would be cool. Alas, only time will tell. But I'll be there to find out what happens.

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