Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NB of the Week

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1 (of 3)
As Flashpoint rages on, we get another batch of "tie-in" minis. Of this crop, I was actually pretty interested in the WW story. With her taking part6 of Europe as New ThemyScira and being at war with Atlantis AND this mini being written by Abnett & Lanning, I was in and it was totally worth it.
Fourteen years ago, young Diana of Themyscira was curious and boated away from the island to see what they world help. Sadly, it help a baby Kraken that also attacked her. Saved by a young Atlantean named Arthur, she was taken back to Atlantis where he helped save her from the point the sea monster had injected into her. One month later, as the two secret nations came together, Young Diana and young Arthur announced they were to wed and that the whole world would know that they exist. Thirteen years later, on the day of their wedding, Arthur's ward, Garth, is unwilling to show at the wedding. As Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta is ready to wed the two as an Atlantean guard appears in a balcony. With a shove to save her life, Queen Hippolyta knocks Diana out of the way and is speared with a triton, killing her. As we chase after the killer, they are confronted by Garth, revealing that the killer in the Amazon Artemis. After a fight, she hands him over, claiming he is the murderer. The Wedding is off the the Atlanteans are told to leave before more bloodshed is caused. We end our issue with Artemis making claim that even though Diana was not killed as intended, the Queen's death still served the same purpose. Their part was done and that now the rest was up to Arthur's brother, Orm.
I'm going to leave out my love for Abnett & Lanning. I think at this point, everyone knows that I think they are amazing writers. This story was awesome. There was a lot of detail in a small book. It almost feels like there was too much and yet you follow every little piece of it. It was a very Shakespearean story of two cross-lovers who's family will stop at nothing to make sure they never stay together. I'm real excited to see who this plays out of regular Flashpoint. I almost hope that by the end, Aquaman and WW find out that they were both pawns in this bigger plot and they they turn on their own people. As with everything with DC and Flashpoint right now, all I can do is wait.

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