Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NB of the Week

Ultimate Spider-Man #160 - The Death of Spider-Man: Conclusion
I'm fairly certain most people don't read comics anymore but just in case you do, there are definite spoilers ahead
We left Spidey last issue bleeding out and collapsing into May's arms with Goblin coming to and standing over them both.
We start this issue with a quick spread of MJ trying to leave to the mess to find out if Pete is ok, her mother telling her that she can see her boyfriend tomorrow. Cut back to Pete able to swing Gqen and May out of the Goblin's way. He tries to force them to leave so that they are not hurt but we know that won't actually happen. He goes back and starts hammering it out with Goblin. At some point, he is able to wake Torch up but all his fire does is super charge Goblin. As he continues slugging it out, he falls on his knees, not sure if he can keep fighting. It at that moment that MJ drives a moving van into Goblin. After Pete throws her into a web for safety and proceeds to smash the truck into Goblin until in explodes, sending him flying backwards. As he lays on the ground, MJ runs up to him, begging for somebody to call an ambulance. May and Gwen then come running in, yelling for help also. As May bends down to him, a calm Peter starts tearing, saying to her,
"I couldn't save him. Uncle Ben. I couldn't save him... No matter what I did. But I saved you. I did it. I did..."
With that, his body goes limp. Johnny Storm runs in, checking for a heartbeat and not finding it. As MJ hold his lifeless body, we are left with everyone crying, and a fiery body of Norman Osborn slowly grinning
Well, they told us it would happen. They called the story "The Death of Spider-Man". They seemingly killed him. I mean, yeah there wasn't a funeral or anything yet but they are officially saying that he is dead now. They are not saying who the new one will be yet, but they are moving on with it.
I very much enjoyed this story. Bendis on Spider-Man has been on of the best choices Marvel has made over the last decade and I'm on board for whatever he does with him. It's really that simple for me. I liked this Peter a lot and I don't know how another person will do but I'm certainly getting it and reading where it goes.

(And check out this amazing cover to Mighty Thor #3. It's fuggin' beautiful!)

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