Friday, June 3, 2011

Clif-Notes: X-Men - First Class

I saw that Adam posted about this movie. While I agree with most things that he said, I have one big difference: I absolutely would categorize this as a first class movie.
I think at this point, most know the plot of the movie so I will just skip those details. This movie was quite brilliant in it's connection to American history and in making the mutants more "human". I felt like this may have been the best x-movie to make that connection with these characters as opposed to just super-powered beings who want to fit in. There's a scene where all the new recruits/students sit around trying to pick code names now that they technically work for the CIA. As they are all still teenagers and/or young 20-somethings, this could have easily been a botched effort, coming out more like a Twilight scene than anything. Vaughn crafted it perfectly. These are how kids would talk in this situation. This is how people would react. This is the most "human" these "mutants" have been portrayed and a huge portion of that falls on the acting.
James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were perfect as Xavier and Erik, with Fassbender probably turning in the best performance. Kevin Bacon also stood out, as I have never been a fan of his. I can name the movies of his I have seen on one hand and still be able to eat dinner with it. I found him to have just the right amount of villain cliche mixed with ruthless, world-dominating evil. Worst out of the bunch for me was Jennifer Lawrence and she wasn't even bad. I found her character (much like that of Emma Frost) just a bit underdeveloped. There were there and they were given parts but they didn't feel like they were anything too important. But I even liked them. It was a very well-rounded cast for me and I can't think of any other actors who would have done better (admittedly, I have not put much though into either).
Overall, I was quite amazed by this movie. With such low expectations due to Last Stand and Wolverine, I freely admit to being blown away. I put it second in the x-franchise to only X2 and I'm willing to let that set in and change if need. Once again, the comic movies of the summer are amazing and I can only imagine what Lantern and Cap are gonna do for me.

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  1. well truth be told i actually didn't like the movie quite as much as i thought i would based on the hype it got. but it over all still wasn't bad and i just loved how they did the Magneto character most of all. i think i'll have to see it again to really give a more thorough critique. James Macavoey was a great young Xavier as well. he's a great actor he was amazing in The Last King of Scotland although i didn't much care for Wanted. Kevin Bacon was surprisingly good too.
    one of the problems i had with the movie was that Xavier was scene in X-Men 3 being able to walk in a flash back sequence in which he was older then he is in first class so that didn't really make sense. also i didn't like the way beast looked after he transformed. he looked too bestial. i'm still not sure Pixie was a good pick for being one of the mutants to be used in the movie but the jury's still out on that. also, i didn't really like the way they handled Havoc's powers with how he had to wear that harness and his hand waving routine before he discharged his energy. although i liked in general the way the writers inter weaved actual historical events with that of the movie it some how did go quite as smoothly through out as it did in Forest Gump. in that movie they fit this fictional character into history brilliantly. the movie had a lot going for it too and in general a lot going on so i think it'll be a little bit of a different experience seeing it a second time. as for Mystique i'd have zero problems tapping that blue business.