Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NB of the Week

Uncanny X-Force #11 - The Dark Angel Saga: Chapter 1
This week was another tough one for me. There were a few issues that I found rather great for their own specific spots but this one was probably the best over-all issue.
Issue ten dropped a pretty big bomb on us and their member Archangel when we all found out that he has been "turning to the dark side" more because of the death of Apocalypse: without him, his once Horseman of Death has been chosen as the successor to his throne. Force must go to the one Apocalypse expert they know of, Dark Beast (from the original Age of Apocalypse stories), for answers and they find out they will need something called the Life Seed in order to restore the mind that they love. The only place Dark Beast knows of with one? The Age of Apocalypse universe, obviously.
Issue 11 starts with the team in DB's lair as he jumps into the alternate reality with them, saying they have three hours before the portal closes. Page two has Deadpool saying,
"A time limit? No way that goes sideways on us. Ten bucks says this is a stupid idea. Anyone?"
Which really just tells you exactly how this book is going. As they quickly find their way to DB's old lair and find the Life Seed, they are surprised by the AoA's Nightcrawler who just as quickly takes it from them. AoA Sabretooth and Wild Child tussle with Wolverine while Psylock is able to slow things down after her and Sabretooth see each other (both were part of the dimension-jumping team Exiles for a while and know each other). AoA Sunfire, unwilling to take any chances on them and anything that Dark Beast wants, pops in and destroys the Seed. DB decides that's as good of a time as any to bolt, leaving Force stuck in the AoA. We close the issue as Sabretooth and his team take them to their leader and Wolverine is shocked to find Magneto along with Jean Grey (whom was involved with her Wolverine in the original AoA).
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Rick Remender is writing one of the best books out there. His dialogue is amazing. I laughed aloud a few times in this issue alone. From Deadpool actually being funny to Fantomex calling himself a jerk (which is much funnier than I make it sound). Remender is gritty and honest and hilarious in his writing and those aren't traits that a lot of writers have.
And Mark Brooks' art looked amazing. Usually a bit cartoony for my liking on "darker" books like these, the colors and shading make it look great. Definitely changes the tone of his art to fit much better.
Once again, if you are not reading this book, you need to be.

Honorable Mentions:
Fear Itself #3 - With Steve coming back as Captain America, this issue appears to actually have killed off Bucky. Robot arm ripped off and stabbed through the chest, I personally don't believe he will die, though. Middle of the series and he's still in the Cap book, this will probably be used more as a set-up, if anything.
Flashpoint #2 - Batman attempts to help Barry Allen get back his Flash powers back by mixing chemicals and having him struck by lightning again. The result? A chard corpse of Barry laying on the ground. Oops.
Moon Knight #2 - MK's personalities are now those of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America along with himself. Watching them bicker about who gets to control the body is pretty damned awesome.

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