Friday, June 10, 2011

DC Reboot & Nerdgasms Unite!

DC revealed the last titles of their reboot and they also happen to be their biggest icon: Superman. Scot Lobdell is doing Superboy, Michael Green and Mike Johnson are writing Supergirl and George Perez is writing Superman: the Man of Tomorrow. Not bad but nothing great.
But everything looked brighter when I saw who was writing Action Comics. Grant Mother-f-ing Morrison! Now, I know he's been crapping all over Batman over the last years but this is the same dude who wrote All-Star Superman and if you have ever read those twelve issues, you know that Morrison on Superman can be absolutely brilliant! All-Star may arguably be the best Superman story out there. Throw in a "reboot" of the character and you pretty much have another clean slate to do with as he pleases. Azzarello on Wonder Woman was the book I was most looking forward to until this one. I shall keep my fingers crossed and hope it doesn't turn into another Batman mess.
(MoT shows Supes in an actual costume so I assume he will not be farming jeans the duration of Action)

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