Friday, August 20, 2010

All Tripped Out

If I'm being honest, I was ready to come home last Saturday. I love my family and was very happy to see and spend time with them but it all felt like too much. The whole family met up for the first time in ever in Seattle, where my older sister and her fiance live. Little sister drove from Portland and brother and his wife flew from Phoenix. We then spent the next three days walking around a lot. Lot of cool stuff to see in Seattle but it's way to congested for me. I'm sure it would grow on ya, but I don't know if I could ever live in a place with that many people. Traffic was ridiculous and I would probably end up yelling at the wrong person and end up shot. But it was still fun.
I didn't know about the next part though, when on Monday, my brother and his wife flew back to Phoenix and the parents, the sisters and myself drove to Portland. I gotta tell ya, I don't like Portland. Landscape wise, the city looks great. Some cool looking houses. Beautiful greenery everywhere. But I wanted to punch every person I saw in their stupid, hipster faces. Everyone there is a grungy hipster! It mad me sick! Every guy who could had dreadlocks and a beard. Nobody wore pants that fit (and I kind of want to punch the next person I see who wears those stupid, too-tight pants). And every kid who couldn't grow a beard, had long, shaggy, gross hair that they would half cover with a stupid bean-cap! And I literally wanted to vomit because of all the smoking that everyone there does. Nothing is more gross than unwashed hippies who smoke.
But I digress. I did have fun in Portland in that I got to go the a huge comic shop where I found some comics I had been looking for for a number of years. I was able to go the VooDoo Doughnuts where I had the giant Memphis Mafia (a banana fritter covered in peanut butter and chocolate chips. Amazing.). And we drove to Astoria where I not only got my picture in front of the school from Kindergarten Cop, but I also got my picture taken in from of the Goonies house. Yeah. Those Goonies.
Over-all I had a lot of fun but things were way to packed for my liking. Traffic and people and small streets and I was just ready to come back home and talk to all you fellow geeks out there (and to buy season four of Dexter which if you are not watching, you should. John Lithgow will scare you shitless in season four)

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