Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dumb Doctor

So, I woke up Saturday and much to my surprise, my ankle was swollen and sore. I hadn't done anything to it lately that could remember and it was fine the night before. But shit happens, right? Well, Sunday was even worse. More swelling, more redness and even more sore. So I went to the RediCare (one of the few places open on Sunday) and they found nothing wrong with me. Xrays showed no break, and blood work showed nothing so he gave me some anti-biotics. But things didn't sit well with that. Even though yesterday was a little better (as was today) I still wanted to see the family doctor. And it's a good thing I did because it turns out that my tendons are trying to rupture. He said forget the medicine the other guy prescribed and then told me I need to wear this big boot to stabilize the ankle to make sure I don't further damage anything, otherwise he would have to go in and cut me up to fix em next week. Thanks a lot Doctor Ass-For-Brains at RediCare. You are next to worthless.

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