Monday, August 2, 2010

Watch This Movie

I love foreign movies. No doubt about it. Most of the time that rule only applies to live action movies, mainly because I have found that the animated ones I try always end up being extremely weird and hard(er) to follow. Tekkonkinkreet is one of the exceptions. It's the story of two brothers, Black and White (more metaphor than than lazy parents), who run the streets of Treasure Town with no other family but each other. But when corrupt businessmen try to take the town they consider theirs, the two are in for the fight of their lives. Every now and then, and anime film will hit that just seems to find a rhyme and reason much further than most others. Great story and love and family and really show the degree of what people who do for those that they love.
(Try not to base your entire opinion in this trailer though. Foreign trailers are always weird)

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