Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clif-Notes: The Other Guys

Remember back in the comic shop, about once a month or so, I would spout out a real funny line, and people would laugh and then I would play it out for a week trying to get the same reaction, only to completely run it into the ground, thus making the original validity of the joke obsolete?
Welcome to The Other Guys. A movie that proves being stupid isn't always funny. Sometimes, it just makes things stupider, longer. This movie had maybe 5 jokes and you will hear those 5 jokes for one hour and forty-seven minutes. And in between repeating those jokes, nonsense that doesn't fit into anything. Even for a Will Ferrell movie they didn't fit into anything. At first it seems as though they are making fun of the fact that Mark Wahlberg is always angry and yelling and that Will Ferrell can only play the "man-child". But within the first thirty minutes, they have trapped you into the same characters they are trying to make fun of. Eva Mendes was the funniest person in this movie. Eva Mendes! And one Star Wars joke! That's what you'll get when you see this movie. Sadly, I would recommend you go see Step Up 3D this weekend and I haven't even seen that one.

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