Monday, August 30, 2010

Batman Inc: My Breaking Point

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DC has slowly but surely made announcements about the Bat-Universe and what's coming. First they say that Bruce Wayne is returning and there's a mini to help with that (The Return of Bruce Wayne... Real original) along with the tie-ins to the Batman and Robin title, both written by Grant Morrison.
Then came news that David Finch would be writing and drawing a new book title Batman: The Dark Knight. I'm a huge fan of F
inch's art (in case you don't remember me saying such back when I wrote that he had signed an exclusive with DC) and him working on Batman seems perfect. I haven't read any of his writing since he was at Image in the 90's but his art almost makes his story-telling second place for me. And his art for this book showed a new Bat-suit, along with the yellow symbol back on his chest. Thoughts were strait to this be Wayne.
Next they announced that Morrison would be leaving Bat
man And Robin to launch another Batman book called Batman Inc, leaving BaR writing to Peter Tomasi (probably best known for his sting on Green Lantern Corps, which was great). However, without saying that any other books were ending, this would mean five books for Batman. Along with Red Robin, Batwoman, Streets of Gotham, Gotham City Sirens, Batgirl, Azreal, Outsiders, Batman Confidential and Birds of Prey, not to mention a new Batman Beyond ongoing that was just announced, that brings the Bat-Family Book total to 15. 15 Ongoing books, and three or four minis currently going. That's way beyond ridiculous.
And yet, I wasn't ready to say I was done with the Bat-Books entirely. Maybe I just have to be picky about what I buy and what I download. And then came the latest news. DC has now said that both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson would be Batman. Or rather, Batmen. Bat-Grayson would be the Bat in Detective, BaR and Batman while Bat-Wayne would be in Inc and Dark Knight. And on top of that, here's what they said would be going on:

“Just as readers were getting comfortable with the idea of former sidekick Dick Grayson playing the role of Batman, along comes Bruce Wayne’s triumphant return to the Cape and Cowl,” editor Mike Marts said. “Is Gotham City ready for two Batmen? Is the world? And who’s to say the fun will end there?”

"Bruce Wayne realizes that he can't just be the grim avenger he was before," DC co-publisher Dan DiDio told the Post. "He wants to be more aggressive in his reach, and realizes the change that Batman as a symbol can effect around the world."

This approach mostly plays out in Morrison’s Batman Inc., where Bruce Wayne essentially franchises out the Dark Knight brand globally.

"Without giving too much away here, we wanted to show how Batman can have a global influence," Didio said.

Done. I'm done with the Batpeople books. This is something that has absolutely no appeal to me anymore. Other than Finch's art. That still intrigues me, but not enough to spend any money on it. DC has finally played their hand into the ground. I liked the idea of "killing" Wayne and bringing Grayson up to the plate but this is shite to me. Complete shite.

Maybe they should put the title of "Green" in front of one of his books. Maybe that will bring me back.

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  1. Reminds me of a lot of the reasons I quit collecting all together. Dumb writers doing dumb things to classic characters.