Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clif-Notes: The Last Exorcism

I previewed The Last Exorcism last night and walked away with a lot of confusion. Not from the story or any intricate webbing of a plot but as to how I felt about it. Let's start from the beginning.
Last Exorcism looked like it had potential. For whatever reason, I am a stickler for the creepy, hand-held camera movies and this one looked like it would be another. First, I was a little surprised by the full plot, which I seemed to have missed. The story actually follows Reverend Cotton Marcus, a man of the faith, yet a man with little belief. He's been in the "business" for decades as his father was the reverend and brought him into it. He knows a lot of what he does is for show. That he could really be saying anything and the flock will still be joyous. He also used to be an exorcist. Which was also a sham. He said he gave them peace of mind, at best, and that was all they really needed. Until he read an article about a boy being killed during his exorcism. Appalled that people would stoop to murder to fix what he thought was something fake, he stopped doing them. This is where we come in. Cotton Marcus is taking a camera crew with him on one final "exorcism" to show them how it's all fake and how the "possessed" will somehow be free even though he did nothing.
The first half of the movie was really slow and nothing much happened. It's about this time that weird things begin, and Reverend is a little bewildered, things are fixed, things are worse. It was a cat and mouse game the next 40 minutes and I felt a little let down by the end. Until They flipped again and the real ending came about. And as that ending played out, I just sat there, mouth open, lost in what I just saw. I'm not gonna ruin it for ya, but I'm still a little... creeped out. Creeped out is probably the best way to describe that ending. I was going to say that this movie was one to skip until this ending. But this ending alone makes me want to know what everyone else thought. If you can skip all but the last, maybe fifteen minutes, you should do that and tell me if I'm crazy for thinking it's weird and bizarre.
But that's about all I can say. Slow and boring until the end. I really don't even know if I should tell you to see it or not, so all I can say is use your best judgment.


  1. Hells yeah I saw Piranha! That movie was awesome! Nothing but Babes, Boobs, Blood and more Boobs! It was everything I was hoping for and then they threw in some more Boobs! Awesome!