Friday, August 20, 2010

Clif-Notes: The Expendables

Before I left the other week, I was able to watch the Stallone and friends action romp known as The Expendables. First and foremost I will tell you that it was not a good movie. Not my normal "standards". The story seemed like a typical Stallone story which I had no problem with but there were some things in this movie that didn't make sense even by those standards. If one of your own goes crazy, turns on you and tries to kill you, why would you invite him back? Rambo would have never done that. Rambo would have just ripped your throat out. Or gutted you. Or shoved hand-carved, wooden spikes into your face. Or something equally as cool. But not have tea and crumpets with you later. That bothered me. But over-all, this movie was definitely a "man's man" kinda movie and I really liked it. Things exploded and people dies and guns kept shooting and that was all I expected and that was all I needed.

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  1. I agree. No artistic merit, but plenty of kick-ass carnage.